It’s been a year 

……actually exactly a year since my last entry 
Not like i haven’t done anything in the last year. Too much more likely….and i just couldn’t find a way to finish off any entries I started.

I had one on the wedding 👰🏻 decoration i did for my friends weddings.

I started one for my favorite autumn pumpkin 🎃 meals and recipes.
I’ve been working on the perfect Sunday morning fluffy and healthy pancake recipe…..I’m close to perfect, but just close… soon as I’ve worked it out I’ll share it with you. 

One on sewing doll clothes for Barbies.

……and one on making furniture for Barbie

Even one about my love for Pinterest (more like an addiction if you look at the amount of pins i have🤓)
I’ve done tones of sewing in the last year:

Pillow cases for my daughters and for my hubby and me, 

dresses for dolls, 

dresses for me and quite a few for Lili. I am very pleased how the ones i made for Nina’s church wedding came out.

 Aprons, baby toys, bunting and dress up clothes were fun, sometimes easy, sometimes not so easy projects. 

I’ve crafted like a mad woman. My biggest project was the Barbie dollhouse i made for Lili. There will be a separate entry to this one, cause I’m just too proud of this piece. However, like so many other things, it’s not quite finished So patience. 

A lot of the things i made were for children, mostly for my youngest and i feel a little guilty, because my older children did not get all these things made for them….and didn’t get any attention because i was busy making stuff. So this year i will see if i can think of something special for them.

What do teenagers like????? Doesn’t that change daily? 
I hope you enjoyed my recap of the things i made in 2016…….lets see what 2017 brings. 

And maybe, only maybe I’ll finish off those old entries and share them with you💋